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School Management System (SMS)


Educational Institutions are facing several challenges in proper communications to all Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Management. With multiple channels of communications like emails, SMS, portal, maintaining and tracking unified communications is important to create a proper platform to manage in a row.


Our solution is compatible with any device such as Mobile, Smartphones, Tablet, Phablet, Laptop, Desktop to manage school daily routine activity such as fees, results, attendance, library, inventory, timetable, staff management, student management, notifications, documents, transport, and online examination.


Key Features

School Management System (SMS)

Effective & efficient administration & management of schools and colleges.

Everything you need for your school, college is in one portal, from students detail, courses, library, digital resources and curriculum to reports in your format. Get access to standards-aligned assessments, complete school activities.

Our wide scope of solution features allows different school user groups with specialized needs, such as students, parents, admin, admissions, teacher, and faculty. It has many time-saving features, such as tracking the data from portal inquiries directly in the database.

Our School Management Software is a 100% cloud-based modern solution, with integrated all necessary features that handle everything of school activity from initial requirements to final solutions along with the customized report.

Streamlined school and back office and admin modules, registration, billing, student payments, giving, and other transactions seamlessly into the integrated General Ledger for real-time data access for effective decision-making along with your customized report.


School Management System (SMS)

Comprised of software designed to streamline the administrator’s task-processing  with web portals

One stop solutions in a single place to enter the information and setup processing options for your school. Enable/Disable processing, set customized labels and manage drop-down list values. All the information in one place.

Every main window including your admin dashboard in our solutions, we offer flexible search and output functions and embedded and flexible report, so everyone can get his on-demand report on sile click.

We offers a specialized interface based on an administrator’s role in the organization. Unique windows for Registrar, Admissions, School activity, Scheduling, examination, result report, attendance, and separate windows to views for students and parents.

System allow you to send e-mail messages individually also Send individualized reports with schedules, grades, notices, and other customized information simultaneously to many students, parents on single click button option by e-mail as a pdf attachment.


School Management System (SMS)

Flexible & Unified Solution for School Management

Record history and regulate student attendance, homework, assignments for students online with necessary documents and file and guide the students for the homework and update the same to parents for necessary actions on regular basis.

Keep track unlimited number of all require activity, manage a record of certificate generation. Allows automating generation of all kinds of certificates required by the school, and customizable for students like transfer certificate, study certificate, etc.

Automated mails engine can be sent to parents regarding progress, complaints against his child, assignment, exam results, absence of their child, events update, emergency holiday, or any misbehaviour, misconduct instantly from system dashboard

Automatic generation of students, school staff, supporting staff ID Cards as per school needs. You can customize the school ID cards design using this facility there would be no need of manually entering student and staff detail.

School Management System (SMS)

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