Managed Infrastructure

IT infrastructure efficiently is critical for enterprises to go beyond “business as usual”. Superior infrastructure management processes ensure predictable delivery of customer applications, with high reliability, security, and performance.

Having an IT system running on diverse platforms across different geographical areas can be costly and inefficient so an effective IT Service Management structure is vital when delivering your business critical services. Rahku Tech collaborates with its customers to implement smarter IT infrastructure management strategies. By assessing your IT strategy, in terms of cost, efficiency and the levels of service you offer, they work with you to transform your IT processes and systems. Savings identified can then be used to make the strategic business changes needed to get the most out of your existing IT infrastructure.

We use a wide range of infrastructure monitoring and management tools for carrying out work. We have set up an Infrastructure Lab for testing various technologies and carrying out ‘proof of concepts’.

Our delivery model adheres to deliver services compliant to best practices in IT Service Management and also ensuring that there are no compromises to Information Security requirements.


  • Server & Storage Services
  • Network Services
  • Application Services
  • Desktop Services
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Security Services
  • Enterprise Management Services
  • Process & Technology Consulting Services