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[ts_our_service css_awesome=”fa-android ” ts_service_title=”Android Development” choose_readmore=”0″]

We specialize in customizing, developing, designing, testing, and launching all kind of Android apps. Our experienced, problem-solving team can offer unique insights due to their years of experience in problem-solving and industry trust. We want to not only create a mobile application but engage in custom Android application development that will attain extraordinary business goals and offer great user experiences, all while maintaining processes that are time-efficient and cost-effective for our clients.


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Our Apple smartphone app development process happens in several key steps. After completing development process, design, and apps creation, we ensure that the apps will perform beautifully with our iOS testing services. With a combination of quality assurance and automated testing, we ensure that the app will perform across network and types of devices. Our meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire iOS development process will lead to a successful and well-received launch.


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Windows 8 is Microsoft’s brand for mobile devices. It’s used on smartphones and tablets, using Microsoft tools to design, build, and roll out mobile applications. Windows Mobile platform has emerged as the third biggest competitor in the mobile platform market and is growing at a blistering pace. Although it has a large user base and user-friendly interface. It is a growing platform, which means that your competition is yet to reach there and the rewards for a market entrant are naturally high.


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Whatever your requirements, contact us for free consultation and find out how we can help


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Using our experience and your unique ideas we initatle to develop your dream applications


[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style6″ css_awesome=”fa-bullseye” ts_service_title=”Strategy”]

A great app starts with a great plan.  Mobile app strategy serves as a road-map for the business model, development, deployment and apps marketing of your business’ mobile app solutions. The process begins with understanding your organization and its goals and ends with the development of a strategic and tactical plan for your success. A clear understanding of business problems and customer needs is what enables the strategic application of technology.

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Picking the right approach to mobile app development is a critical success factor that can make or break your project. We believe in having a simple process where clients get to see the transparent documentation at each stage. To avoid keeping our customers in dark we provide access to our project management tool, allowing our customers to track and monitor projects on a routine basis. Our mobile app developers typically use low-risk mobile development methodology that has a proven success record and ensures rapid results.


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Our clients are looking for ways to apply mobile technology to their enterprise in ways that improve efficiency. While applications are popular and without a thoughtful user experience, apps, they are not always the most effective clarification that’s why we take a design approach to every product we develop. To be successful, mobile solutions require the integration of technology with the business model design to create a compelling user experience.

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Mobile is booming, and that’s a good thing! But with multiple operating systems and tens of thousands of devices on the market, how can you ensure your app delights your users everywhere, every time, at every turn, as a mobile developer we have to test across several permutations and combinations to get to a zero-defect state. At each stage of the mobile quality cycle, there are specific questions that an enterprise needs to deal with. Our team easily test your app with consumers, business professionals audiences around the world.


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We have experience team to support your apps after deployment.


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Our programmatic artificial intelligence offers buyers, publishers, advertisers, marketers, app developers and media companies a wealth of valuable inventory through real-time bidding process help us find those audiences across all the hottest apps, Facebook, and other social networks, or on the mobile web and to connect with them on the most efficient channels. We develop business and marketing strategy and Increase your user loyalty by maintaining mutual communication and nurturing your online community our main focus is to increase your visibility and gain more organic downloads because we understand the mobile customer and mobile advertising.

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Our QA team for manual / automation based testing services across all stages of application design, development & deployment.


[themestudio_title title=”Type of testing we use”]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-futbol-o” ts_service_title=”Functional”]Validation of Functionality
Smoke / Regressions Testing
Offline access testing
Negative Testing[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-file-code-o ” ts_service_title=”Non Functional”]Network Strength
Different NW Types
Peripheral Testing[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-exchange” ts_service_title=”Interrupt”]Voice / SMS interrupts
Battery /Cable Removal[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-ellipsis-v” ts_service_title=”Memory Leak”]Memory Usage
Memory Leaks
Garbage Collection[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-tachometer” ts_service_title=”Performance Testing”]CPU Usage testing
Network Usage
Page Render time or activity Render time[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-magnet ” ts_service_title=”Usability Testing”]User Experience
Competitive Analysis
Expert Review[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-recycle” ts_service_title=”Installation Testing”]New App Install
Uninstall and Reinstall
Upgrade testing[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 css_awesome=”fa-bug ” ts_service_title=”Security Testing”]Security Auditing
Vulnerability – Scanning
Security Scanning
Penetrating Testing[/ts_our_service_style2]
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